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Mashad Rugs

Why Are Mashad Rugs So Precious?

Antique Mashad rug by the master weaver Hosseini

Carpet weavers in the holy city of Mashhad, Iran, located in the province of Khorasan, also recognized as the land of the rising sun, have weaved some of the most beautiful rugs during centuries that have the glory of the sun. They created unique artworks based on the principle of imperfection, due to the fact that only god can create something perfect. In Iran people say: “A Persian rug is perfectly imperfect and precisely imprecise.” This is like the Japanese concept on the beauty found in imperfection, but told in Persian words.

Thus, all the carpets and rugs weaved not only in Mashhad, but everywhere in Iran have asymmetrical elements that can be in various colors, designs or shapes. Such elements of imperfection that make them even more precious are part of the Persian culture and are reflected everywhere in architecture, monuments, gardens, etc.

Looking at a Mashhad rug is like looking at the history of the community that lived there since the moment when the first inhabitant set foot on the area. Dark red, blue and khaki colors are the most used in Mashhad carpets. They have one central medallion, corner floral design and also floral motifs in the background and these types can be also found under the name Meshad. The weaving style used for Khorasan rugs is completely different from all the others areas of Iran. They use the Persian knots. These elements make Mashad rugs highly desired, especially by art collectors.

Having a rug hanged on the wall is like having a piece of the Persian mystic soul and civilization in the house. Rugophiles say that the ancient rugs that they collect can talk to them. The important thing is to know how and when to hear the story that a hand-knotted carpet carries. It can speak through countless combinations of designs, flowers, and colors. Such finely hidden stories have been written by the talented fingers of Persian weavers for hundreds of centuries.

Wool from Khorasan is renowned for its softness, natural vegetable dyes, as Mashhad is famous for producing the best wool in Iran. This fact, combined with the hand abilities of local weavers make Mashhad rugs to be some of the best nice-looking ones. The value of these rugs varies from three to 15 dollars per square foot while they are divided in antique and semi-antique rugs depending on their age. High-quality materials, talented handiwork, and natural colors make one of these rugs a rare possession.