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Persian Silk Rugs

Why Are Persian Silk Rugs So Expensive?

Watching a Persian silk rug involves all the senses and it feels like looking at the best hand-knotted rug in HD. If you want to know which are the most sophisticated Persian rugs all the answers will suggest those made of silk. These hand-knotted rugs are highly esteemed and desired. Some of the most expensive rugs that have been sold so far are made of silk. They are worth every cent paid for them. One of the characteristics of the silk fiber is that when weaved it allows more knots per square inch, almost twice than wool rugs. Hence, there is room for more details and the patters looks brighter. This creates the HD effect. The areas that are well-known for the production of handmade silk rugs are Kashan, Nain, Qum, Sennah, Tabriz, Heriz, Isfahan, Yazd and Mashhad.

Silk carpets are weaved by highly talented weavers, who know how to make a combination of colors and design that give more richness and splendor to their art. Meantime, there are other cities and villages in nowadays Iran where rugs are knotted on wool but based on silk foundation. Silk rugs are more beautiful, but less durable than wool rugs. Thus, the combination of both fibers would increase the lifespan of the rug without affecting its beauty. These pieces are very expensive and not anyone has the economic possibility to buy one of them. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay a lot of money for a silk rug because weavers have thought even about those who don’t have the finances for a 100 percent silk rug.

There are rugs made of silk on a cotton foundation that are not so expensive. All these types are genuine rugs. On the other hand, there are rugs made of artificial silk and synthetic materials. They look like silk, but they aren’t. Such materials will change their properties and colors during cleaning procedures. A silk rug is fascinating like a rare painting and just like paintings they are mostly hanged on walls in order to not be damaged. They can be the crown gem of any collection.