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Black Rugs

“The soul of the apartment is the carpet. From it are deduced not only the hues but the forms of all objects incumbent…a good judge of a carpet must be a genius,” Edgar Allan Poe said in ‘The Philosophy of Furniture.”

Given that Poe is well-known for his dark way of writing, one can think that even his carpet or the soul of his apartment was a sort of dark. Maybe it was a black Oriental rug with some silver or dark blue colors. Black is considered as powerful color in the Persian culture because it is related to strong emotions like emptiness, destruction and conveys a sense of mystery.

Black color in handmade Oriental rugs is mostly found in the outlines and almost in every type of Oriental and Persian rugs. Carpet weavers have obtained the dark dye naturally from iron oxide mineral. It can be mixed with other dyes in order to create different colors.

Dark carpets can look like they are full of drama, but also perfect for a modern home design. They also blend perfectly with different décor styles. House designers suggest to use black carpets in stairs of bedrooms and to leave light colored carpets for more exposed areas of the home. Black Bokhara rugs with brown and ivory colors are some of the best black carpets.