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Burgundy Rugs

Burgundy Rugs for Wine Aficionados

Which came first in your home the rug or the furniture? This is important because nobody wants to spend twice on furniture because patterns don’t pair with the rug. In some cases, a rug is not something that you can buy twice, especially if it is a valuable oriental or Persian rug. The good news is that an oriental carpet, let’s say a burgundy Bokhara, can fit in almost every home décor style just like contemporary rugs.

Think about the vivid hues of Persian rugs. They are not usual colours. Carpet weavers have created every shade of the colours that the human eye can see from plants, minerals and insects. Red is made from madder roots, blue from the indigo plant, black from logwood plants, yellow from saffron and pomegranate, brown from iron, oak tree galls and tannin, green from turmeric berries, khaki from nuts, while other shades are generated by the combination of these hues.

The preservation of these colours is one of the main concerns of their owners. They fear pets or stains, especially stubborn ones live red wine. Only the owners of a burgundy carpet don’t worry about red wine stains. Solid burgundy rugs with a modern look or traditional carpets in a combination of reddish-purple with other colours and different designs work well in traditional and transitional spaces. You can make your room look like a home theatre with too much of this berry-colour.

A rug with hues of red would fit in every room with wooden flooring or furniture. Most of the Persian and oriental rugs have red tones and only a few of them have been weaved in light colours such as the Nain and Isfahan carpets. Despite this, there are beautiful couristan cashimar Nain burgundy rugs. Reddish colours can create a warm and sophisticated contemporary environment. If you are looking for this style, choose a burgundy rug and all the other pieces of furniture will fall into their places.