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Grey Rugs

Oriental Grey Rugs for Posh Modern Décor

They say that people wear grey when they don’t want to be seen. Then what is the purpose of using grey tones in interior design? It is simple. Neutral colours such as white, grey, khaki, and beige allow to put emphasise on other vibrant colourful elements or pieces of furniture. This means that they take an important role as accent colours.

The right combination of neutral colours can add personality to every room in your home and this can be achieved with the blending of wall and furniture hues. Grey makes people feel safe and relaxed in their environment as it creates a cosy atmosphere and friendly appearance.

Less is more

When it comes to the combination of neutral colours in interior home décor, the Scandinavian living room put the others in the shade. Minimalist homes decorated based on this or other styles look sophisticated, yet simple to the people that like a chic and eclectic way of life.

Metal hues, black and white furniture, and clean lines may seem incomplete without the missing piece, which is the rug. As the Big Lebowski said: “The rug really tied the room together”. In the cases of neutral or vintage home décor, light coloured rugs make a great choice. They can be modern or ancient pieces of art.

A great example of neutral carpets would be the Beni Ouran carpets made by nomadic Berber tribes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They have a contemporary look that makes them fit even in the most modern home décor style and add more value to the home, given that they are rare artistic pieces of handmade carpets.

Finding a valuable rug or kilim that can easily pair with the patterns of a modern house is not as difficult as it seems. White or black colours combined with hues of silver, ivory, charcoal, and beige are found in Kerman, Lavar Kerman, Nain, Bokhara, as well as Indian, Chinese and, Turkish carpets.

The right hue of grey in home décor can convey a lot of positive emotions and with the passing of time, you will start to fully appreciate the value of your grey carpet.