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Royal Blue Rugs

A Royal Blue Carpet as the Map of the Universe

Blue area rugs, in the form of area rugs, have become a staple in many homes for their aesthetic charm and purpose. With a spectrum of hues and designs available, locating the ideal match for your interior design is a breeze. These rugs can add a splash of vibrancy to a bland space or complement existing blue decorations, creating an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

This popular color is available in various sizes in most of the shops.


Besides aesthetical beauty, the colour of an oriental handmade rug defines if the buyer is going to pay $300 or $13,000 for it. The oriental carpets have travelled around the world, in the same way, art did. Thus, the royal blue colour used in Chinese pottery travelled to Persia and was used in architecture, carpet weaving and other crafts.

It is evidence that the aesthetic of mystical religion has been reflected in Islamic art. Geometrical shapes in Persian architecture and carpet designs were used as a symbol of knowledge because geometry and mathematic were related to knowledge. In the meantime, intricate designs mean that everything in the universe is connected and exists in a harmonious order.

When it comes to colours there is a reason why blue prevails in Islamic art. Many say that it is linked to the image of heaven, tranquillity and spirituality. Even though all these are true, the explanation is simpler. Blue is the colour of water, water for the people of the desert means life, and god is the one that gives life. As it was mentioned above, blue is the colour of the sky, which has always been referred as the symbol of infinity. There is infinite knowledge and mystery in the universe that craftsmen lay in their art.

Mysticism in art is an attempt for pursuing the divine and transform it in tangible objects for those who have eyes to see and senses to feel. Blue is the colour of distance while royal blue seems to be the favourite colour of kings and queens. But royalties are not the only people that have an obsession with blue. There are many that choose this colour for interior décor. Royal blue interiors are great for a coastal style or other home décor ideas.

Given that the rug is often considered as the foundation of a room, a royal navy rug would be a good and clever idea. Blue is one of the main hues in most of the oriental rugs. It is used in Chinese, Kazak, Persian, Turkish, and many other types of handmade carpets and kilims. An Isfahan, Nain, Tabriz, Qom, or Aubusson would fit the preferences of those that are looking for a nice expensive carpet dyed with natural colours. They would pay more than $13,000 for one of them.