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The Reliable Stylish Plum Rugs

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The simplest way to explain this in terms of interior design and home décor is through rugs, oriental rugs. Take the example of a small Baluch tribal rug. If it is compared to the large carpets woven in the workshops of Tabriz or Shiraz, the Baluch may look rustic and unsophisticated.
On the other hand, when it becomes part of a room hundreds of thousands of miles away from the rural area where it was weaved, the small rug looks modern and elegant. There is no need for something to look sophisticated in order to be elegant. Maybe it is the ability of oriental rugs to fit with every decoration style, no matter if traditional or contemporary.

How does plum work with home décor styles?

The dark hues of red and plum in the Baluch rug and many others that make them look subdued are related to the environment where they are used. Speaking of plum coloured rugs, it is important to know how this colour works in design styles. The way how it is combined with other pieces of furniture and colours creates different shades of plum that make it look bright or dark. Plum works with light colours and woven tufted fabrics such as velvet. This is a fashion colour because it tends to look good on everyone and it seems that this rule applies even to interior design.

You can add a touch of plum vibrancy to your room with a traditional or modern rug. Oriental rugs tend to have hues of red or purple, but plum is mostly found on Persian, Chinese art deco rugs, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, Caucasian, Kurdistan, and Turkmen rugs. Tribal and prayer rugs are right for the people looking for a plum coloured floor covering. In the meantime, even the modern Scandinavian and Russian carpets include shaded of plum.
The feel that these colour conveys depends on how it is used. You can make a room look like a field of lavender or a rich and fashionable environment.