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Rust Rugs

Oxidize Interior Design with a Chic Rusty Carpet

Even though rust is the colour of corrosion, it becomes powerless and loses its meaning when it comes to handmade tarnish coloured oriental rugs

As the seasons change the simplest way for updating your home without putting too much effort and expenses is through colours. You can replace cushion covers, curtains, and other fabrics, but remember that the carpet is the foundation of a room. A durable handmade Oriental or Persian carpet can easily fit with your personality and home décor. These rugs are rich in colours, patterns and designs and they can create a cohesive look when combined with other pieces of furniture.

Red and brown are among the most used colours in oriental rugs, but when they get mixed with orange, rust coloured carpets are created. Reddish and brown hues are found in tribal rugs made by nomads that live in rural areas to the beautiful Persian carpets weaved in major urban centres.

Antique and new Tabriz, Mashad, Qum, Abadeh, Baluch, Joshagan, Kurdish, Milas, Oushak, Indian, Pakistani, Turkmen, Afghani, and Tekke are some of the most famous types of Persian and Oriental rugs and kilims that have a rusty look. However, the Persian Malayer rug seems to be the perfect piece of handmade rust coloured carpets as it combines this colour with shades of blue. These two colours create contrast with each other and modern home accents.

Just like in nature rust is the result of iron oxidation, in home décor, it is the mixing of red, brown, and orange in one single room.