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Blue Rugs

An oriental rug is an asset that is going to outlast you, thus be careful to choose one that has the colour of Iran’s blue tiles in the first light of the day

Hamadan, Isfahan, Kashan, Kashkai, Kirman, Qum, Shiraz, Tabriz, Baluchi, Ghirodes and Shivran rugs share many common traits with each other. Besides the fact that they are among the most wanted Oriental and Persian rugs, all they have blue as one of their main colors. The Oriental and Persian cultures give a special place to blue color in every craft. They use it in architecture, painting, pottery, carpet making and calligraphy.

In Oriental cultures, blue is the sky and the heaven beyond. This makes this color a symbol of immortality and spirituality. Carpet making is like storytelling and colors carry a symbolic value. The origin of the Persian blue is related to the tiles of palaces and mosques and to the Lapis Lazuli mineral. The latter and azurite were a natural source of blue nuances used for dying carpets and rugs. The Persian blue has three nuances and the two others are the medium Persian blue and indigo.

The interior design in a room and sometimes in the entire house can depend on the colors of Oriental carpet. Pairing patterns with a blue carpet is easy due to the warmth that these rugs provide in a traditional or modern home décor style.