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Aqua Blue Rugs

An Aqua Persian Rug for a House Full of Sea

Those who own an Oriental or Persian rug have noticed that it may be the only thing in the house that never goes out of fashion. In the meantime, this doesn’t happen with other pieces of furniture that need to be replaced when they become sooo 90’s. It is impossible that an aqua Persian carpet becomes obsolete.

It may seem strange how an Oriental rug that has been weaved more than 50 years ago can fit almost in every traditional or contemporary style. Even new carpets coming from Asian countries that are weaved based on traditional techniques match perfectly with modern interiors. Notwithstanding the importance of home décor, the selection of furniture and colours not always follows the pace of fashion trends.

A handmade carpet naturally dyed can enhance the ambience and also help to add a touch of distinct grace to your room. When it comes to colours, nothing can beat an oriental carpet. Their gorgeous designs and colours reflect the rich culture and folklore. The only thing to do is to pick the type of carpet that will make a statement in your home with its patterns and hues.

Light colours such as aqua, mocha-beige, grey, bright blue and white are a nice choice for a country or coastal house style. Combine coral chandeliers with white wooden furniture and an aqua carpet to create a beach house design. Aqua is a calming and refreshing colour and in the case of a carpet, it is also warm and soft.

This hue is found in different types of Oriental and Persian carpets and kilims. In many it is one among the many other colours, but in many others, it prevails. If you are looking for a valuable handmade carpet with the colours of the green sea you should look for a Moroccan, Nepalese, Persian, Turkish or Chinese carpet. These are among the few types of solid aqua carpets. Almost all the shades of blue dyes that used in Asian countries have a basis of indigo. Dying with indigo in Persia is considered an art.