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Kashan Rug

Find the Almost Perfect Kashan Rug

The sweet color of oriental sapphire. Besides the first line of Dante’s Purgatory, it can bring to mind the colors of the sun in the oriental morning which are reflected in the silky texture of Persian rugs. When it comes to silk Persian carpets, one can think about the Kashan rugs. Weaved in the city with the same name, located in Isfahan province in central Iran, since the 17th century, these carpets are among the best Persian hand-weaved rugs.

Kashan is internationally known for the production of silk, textiles, carpets and tiles. The latter is related to the name of the region, as Kashi is the Persian word used for ceramic tiles. Carpet weaving in Kashan dates back to the 16th century. Since then, it evolved into one of the main handicrafts in the area.

Although the area lacks the raw materials that are needed in carpet manufacturing, Kashan weavers produce the best exemplars of silk carpets in the entire country. They use first-rate imported Marino sheep wool from Manchester or from the town of Sabzevar, which provides the best wool in Iran.

Kashan weavers, which are mostly women, use the Persian asymmetrical knot and a wool pile in a cotton base, but there are cases when they some of them can be of pure silk. The best exemplars of Kashan rugs, made of high-quality wool or silk, have about 600 to 800 knots per square inch and carry the name of Mohtashem. It is believed that he was one of the weavers that created one of the most beautiful collections of Persian carpets during the 19th century. Carpet experts say these due to the existence of a group of rugs, which bear the signature of Mohtashem.

They are renowned for the use of red and ruby colors as well as the intentional color shading practice known as abrash. Mohtashem rugs are great pieces of artworks and they can be found in private collections.

Designs Colors and Motifs of Kashan Rugs

The designs of the Persian Kashan include a medallion and other elements that in some cases make it look similar to the design of the Koran cover. Tones of red and brown prevail in these rugs but are colors like ivory, blue, yellow and green are used. The designs of ancient Kashan carpets include the central medallion and corner patterns. Gardens, flowers, and animals are often depicted in these rugs in a highly elegant way. The best Kashan rugs are often weaved in homes and not in workshops.

High skilled weavers and their inherited knowledge, currently produce in Kashan rugs with tones of ruby, indigo, and sapphire, which are almost perfect. They know how to make them perfect, but as Persians believed, only god is perfect.

You can only feel like Dante every morning when the sunlight ignites the colors of your carpet.