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Small Rugs

Visual culture is one the best ways for the expressions of Oriental creative skills and carpets, no matter large or small, embody basic features of this culture

A lot of artistry, time and knowledge go into the creation of a handmade Oriental or Persian Rug. These rugs are like small treasures that everyone would take care of with great pleasure. No matter the size, there is always room for an oriental carpet in every house. Nowadays, the sizes of oriental area rugs have become standardized. Meanwhile, the carpet weaved or knitted before and during the nineteenth century had more unusual sizes and shapes.

The size is an important element that defines the price of an Oriental rug. The rule of thumb is the larger the carpet the higher the price. Hence, small rugs are less expensive and have many advantages. Although their value is not going to increase just like the value of large carpets, it will be easier to clean a small rug. Choosing a rug depends on the room where it will be placed, the home d├ęcor style and other little but important factors like traffic, pets and furniture.

Some of the best exemplars of small oriental rugs and kilims are made nomadic and village weavers. They make rugs for different uses like praying or for floor covering. Chinese rugs, Kerman, Kurdish Persian, Baluch, Bergama, Melas, Dosemealti, Gabbeh, Bokhara, Soumak, Yuruk, Gashgai, Afghani rugs and many other styles are some of the best examples of small nomadic rugs.