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Large Rugs

Is there anything more beautiful than a large Oriental rug? Besides the case of Cleopatra that went to Julius Caesar rolled up in a large rug, there cannot be anything more beautiful than a Persian carpet under your feet or hanged on the wall. Antique or new Oriental rugs weaved based on traditional techniques and designs inherited by previous generations or borrowed by neighbor countries tote rare beauty and pleasure to their possessor.

Carpet makers have made continuous efforts for creating amazing rugs in terms of beauty and size. Besides some of the largest Persian rugs in the world, which sometimes have the size of a football field, there are other pieces of Oriental carpet artistry that can fit in normal rooms. Hamadan, Heriz, Oushak, Afghan kilims, Mahal, Chinese, Tabriz, Moroccan, Tibetan, Bokhara and many others make the finest choices when it comes to large area rugs.

These carpets make an excellent choice for the living room area because they can fit at least under the first feet of furniture. A room can look empty when there is no rug in it. But even when the rug has not the right size the room can appear incomplete. Larger rugs are more expensive than small ones, but it would be better to buy one large enough than two.