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Oushak Rugs

Vintage handmade Oushak or Ushak rugs are those created following the same techniques that were used many centuries ago in the Turkish city that carries the same name. The word Oushak may have two meanings. The first is lovers and the second a singer of heroic songs.
The city that is located in Western Turkey has always been a center for the production and trade of carpets and it gained worldwide fame for its hand knotted antique rugs in light colors of gold, cinnamon, saffron, terracotta, etc.

The Oushak rugs have been grouped in the class of Anatolian rugs, but there are many experts of oriental carpets, who say that they should be classified as a different type of Turkish rugs. This type of carpets dates back to the 15th century, but their style has been considered far too modern and sophisticated for the time. It seems that they were made for nowadays home décor styles.

Even though their motifs are similar to the ones used in Persian rugs, Turkish carpet weavers use the Ghirodes knots and not the Persian knot. This loose knot is a specific characteristic of these rugs and one of the reasons why Oushak carpet makers do this is to prove the authenticity of their rugs. This quality makes Oushak rugs special. Even though the density of their knots is not too high as in other types of Oriental rugs, they still are highly durable and wanted. They are not as much complicated as other rugs, but the sure thing is that they are more in vogue than any other type of Turkish rugs.

Authentic hand-knotted Oushak rugs are known for their large symmetrical central medallions or stars, floral motifs, leaves, vines and arabesques in a golden or pastel background. The beauty and softness of Oushak rugs are related even to the silky and shining wool that weavers use.

The versatility of Oushak rugs is related to their sophisticated color palette, which is very distinctive compared to other Turkish and Persian rugs and the most influenced by soft Mediterranean colors. Even though it has been used since many centuries their palette in golden and saffron tones has a modern look that makes it fit in the most expensive-looking décor styles.

Tones of lighter colors give a sense of warm to every room. Ivory, gray, rust, orange, gold, tones of red in faded shades are the main colors used in Oushak rugs. Other colors like green are used rarely because it is difficult to extract them naturally.

An Oushak carpet for your room will add a sense of luxury to the entire house.