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Heriz Rugs

Why are Heriz Rugs Famous for Their Durability

Heriz rugs are distinguished for their durability, lovely design and colors that are result of a combination of patterns from different tribes that have affected the work of carpet weavers in Heriz.

There is a wide misconception that all the rugs and carpets that are weaved in Iran are valuable and precious. But think about the myriad of rugs that are produced every year all over Iran. There can be hundreds of thousands. Every area has its own rug and design and there are cases when there are more than two or three designs for one type of rug. On the other hand, the increased demand for more production has affected the weaving process. Foreigners brought synthetic dyes and machines that help to make a rug faster compared to the old-style handmade carpet.

Persian Heriz Serapi Rug

Such novelties have affected the quality of the rugs, and despite the fact that they can look nice and beautiful, buyers are looking for genuine pieces of handmade rugs. Synthetic dyes and machine made rugs make the difference in the market of rugs thus leaving room for every buyer and budget. Hence, anyone who wants can have a rug made in Iran in the house. On the other hand even handmade rugs differ in quality. There are the best rugs made of high-quality wool and silk and others that are not the best, but durable and beautiful. The rugs made in Heriz area are some of them

The people that live in the district of Heriz say that the secret of the combination of the colors of rugs that they have weaved during centuries is found in the sunset time. Although that during the last 20 years weavers have used a combination of vegetable and synthetic dyes, the ancient Heriz rugs may really have the colors of the setting sun. The colors used in these rugs include crimson red, Persian blue and other light colors. The wool used in Heriz rugs is strong and durable due to the copper deposits in the area. This mineral makes the sheep wool stronger.

The Heriz rugs are made in town workshops and in mountain villages and they are one of the things that have made the area famous. The district lies in the East Azerbaijan province of Iran. It is near to the city of Tabriz and the Caspian Sea. Heriz rugs are highly desired, thus their value has increased during the recent years. These rugs are strong and durable. The beauty of these rugs is related to the giant central medallion and the flowers and leaves. The big medallion and the floral designs, which are the main elements of Heriz rugs have been enriched by the weavers who took some other elements from Tabriz rugs.