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Round Rugs

Round Persian and Oriental rugs are not as antique as square rugs because carpet-makers started to weave them only during the recent decades. Even though they are a new type among the rich variety of Oriental carpets, round rugs are exceptional. It takes great skills to make these difficult types of rugs and only a few weavers learned how to make them.

Tabriz, Nain, and Qum carpets are the best example of round rugs. The carpets created in the Iranian city located in Isfahan Province are currently some of the best in the world. The city turned into a center for the production of carpets after World War Second.

In the meantime, even the rugs made in Qum or Qom and Tabriz feature high-quality materials and designs. These carpets are weaved in a way that makes them durable and gorgeous at the same moment. Most of the Oriental round rugs have a geometric design or a single medallion.

Compared to square rugs, those made in a round shape are more uncommon and can fit in every room. When it comes to their size, the same rule applies both for round and square rugs. Furniture should touch the carpet. Square oriental carpets are the most common and popular types of rugs. They are famous for their versatility and feasibility. Square carpets area available in different sizes, thus everyone can find a floor covering piece for every room.